Gals Love Fun 'GuyDid' Adventures Too

Helping Guests Who Think They Can't, Become Friends Who Know They CAN... And Say They Did!

We Know Gals kick ass and want to push their limits Havin' FUN Adventures too. 

GuyDid is Gender Neutral and ALL About Helping Every One of my Guests Experience Their Own Fantastic Adventure.

GuyDid is here to help anyone who wants to Push Their Limits Further than they thought they could, SAFELY...

To do that, sometimes we all just need a little Guidance, Instruction and ENCOURAGEMENT to OVERCOME Doubt, CONQUER Fear (by making it work for us), and SUCCEED at whatever we have Decided, (and are DETERMINED), to do.

It's All VERY EXCITING; and GuyDid wants to play an integral role in your Adventurous Success by having the Privileged Honor of Being the Guide that Helps Get You There - Become A Member of The "GuyDid" Community of all our Guests, and New Friends, who now CAN Say They DID!!!

*Guided Hawaii Island Adventures

*Private Guide, Coach, Photographer...

... AND Concierge: Reserving & Booking ALL your Desired Hawaii Activities For You! 

*Save Your Precious Vacation Time and Energy to use having extra fun! 

  • Less Stress
  • More Fun
  • No Need to answer the same questions over and over; just once with "GuyDid" so we can focus more on enhancing your Hawaiian Dream Vacation Experience   

It's not just the men out there I'm talking to... it's just how I greet All the Friendly Faces in the Group.  

They're my guests and my new friends. I'm their "guy": their "Surfer Guy," their "SCUBA Guy," and their All Around Hawaii Adventures Tour Guide; the Friendly Exciting Adventurous Guy who can say he Did, who's eager to share Hawaii's Treasures with his new friends in the group... I'm Always Excited to see them all, and I look forward to meeting All of You Guys too!

Have An Amazing Adventure Filled Guided Hawaiian Dream Vacation with