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  A Professional GuyDid Travel Guru is Ready to be Your:

  • Private Guide
  • Personal Concierge
  • Photographer
  • Chauffeur - Airport Transport
  • Gear/Luggage Caddie: 
  • Snorkeling/SCUBA Instructor + Guide
  • Surfing Coach / Water Safety Instruction 

-Guide & Transport


  • There's much to see in Hawaii; but few step off the beach to fully explore...afterall, it's Hawaii's beautiful beaches most have come for. The majority plant themselves on the closest beach to where they stay; and find a spot amid the crowd to throw down a towel where they can lay n' sunbathe. Everyone dips their toes in at the water's edge; most go in up to their waist and dip in all the way; "Ahh, that feels GREAT!!!" ... Some brave the shorebreak, tryin' to catch a wave. Out of those are the ones who don mask and fins, All those who choose to snorkel are all hoping for the exact same thing: To see a ton of Exotic Tropical Fish, TURTLES-TURTLES-TURTLES and a maze of coral reefs. Most easy access beaches don't have very much of what they're looking for. For too many, sunbathing Monk Seals and Turtles sleeping up the beach will be the only Sea-Life they actually get to see. BUT....
  • You guys are different, You decided to explore. You are determined to SEE MUCH MORE! You want more than to just step into liquid; you want to be immersed and experience a "HONU" World SCUBA Diving Hawaii! Your desire is to see the BEST THERE IS in Hawaii, and with the GREATEST VIEW!  You may want to get your PADI SCUBA Diving Certification, but unsure of yourself and whether you will like SCUBA Diving enough to spend 4 days of your Hawaiian Dream Vacation Diving in Hawaii's Amazing Blue Waters. You may or may not have heard that you can SCUBA Dive Hawaii without a certification....You CAN!!! You are as Excited as I am to Discover SCUBA Diving in Hawaii; and if you love it like I do, You CAN credit what you learn that day toward your  PADI Open Water SCUBA Diving Certification Course!!! That's Right! You CAN try SCUBA Diving with me, Ryan Stover Hawaii, a PADI MSDT SCUBA Instructor At Your Service with over 20 years of SCUBA Diving Experience and having taught Hundreds upon Hundreds of Eager Adventuresome Travelers like you Discover the Exhilarating Joys, Thrills, and Beauty of SCUBA Diving The Underwater World of Hawaii while here Enjoying their time Exploring Hawaii during their Hawaiian Dream Vacation! You are Excited Knowing that your  Awesome Hawaiian Adventure Awaits You; and Know Your Adventure Begins Here! It's going to Be SO Exciting you've got butterflies so bad You Can't Wait! As soon as your Hawaii Dream Vacation is underway, you see the difference GuyDid Hawaii makes. So You CAN Leave Your Brain On The Plane, GuyDid Takes Care Of Everything! You immediately appreciate your Hawaiian ALOHA Greeting and Pleased to So Quickly Feel SO WELCOME! Right away the makings of Lasting Life-Long Memories start taking place! You are stoked to see and know your AWESOME EXPERIENCE is being captured in pictures and on video. 
  • Come with me your Guide, "Ry" - AKA "Riot"... Master SCUBA Diver Trainer / Resort Operations Specialist - "SCUBA Stove"... and Water Safety Instructor / Coach / Excursion Expert / Surf Guy'da' local kine call, "GRINDS"... To SEE ALL THERE IS HAWAII... 
  • Come along with GuyDid Hawaii Island Adventures for an AMAZING TIME EXPLORING Hawaii... AND Let Me Introduce You To The Majestic Underwater World of Hawaii... and Become One of the Newest Adventurous Few, Who Too, CAN Say You DID!!! 

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  • Arrival Transport Delivery Aloha Greeting Pick-u   p  
  • Private Guided Hawaiian Island Sightseeing Tours 
  • SCUBA Diving Hawaii 
  • Surfari Wave-Riding Excursions -Guide + Water-Safety Instruction + Coaching 
  • Hawaii Adventure Activities Booking Reservations Specialist
  • Snorkeling / SCUBA Guide + Instruction + Water Safety


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